Get Your Freedom, Purpose & Joy Back 

The Summit Expedition: Sept 2018 - Feb 2019

Have you ever felt like there’s more to life than this? 

Which seems odd because technically you have it all - the job, the family, the wealth you sought.  

Yet you feel dull, shut down and know there’s much more inside you. But it’s trapped.  

Are you ready to let it out?  

The real you. The strong, capable man who can have it all and feel really alive. If so, watch this ...  

The Summit Expedition will help you reach the summit of your life. 

It’s an invite-only 6 month intensive designed to help you feel engaged, on purpose and free.  

This program is for high performing men, capable of accomplishing what they set their mind to, who want to get back on their ideal path again.  

If you're ready to make your next bold move and know you need to show up differently to do it (or even figure out what that is for you) ... And you want more connection and freedom across the board, we’ll get you back to centre in all these realms - family, work, social, spiritual.  

Here's what you can expect

  • Learn, develop, and practice the art of Full Engagement Living.  
  • Experience immediate results from making the choice to move out of ‘hell’ and into ‘hell yes’!  
  • Form new lifetime friendships & supporters who’ve walked on your path (literally) in a completely confidential environment.  
  • Receive accountability, challenge and action oriented support.  
  • Cultivating your deepest purpose through your values, actions & your High Endeavor.  
  • Strengthening your body and nervous system to embrace the opportunity of uncertainty


To support this growth you’ll receive:

3 Two-day Intensive Workshops

Get out of the mundane and surround yourself with a group of peers. It's a highly curated group applying material designed to ensure you succeed.

Monthly One-on-One Coaching Sessions

You'll stay accountable to taking ongoing action towards your goals and living in accordance with your values on a priviate, monthly coaching call with Matt. 

2 Three-day Adventure Experiences

Put your insights to the test in full action while you summit on two outdoor adventure trips with with your full team. Unforgettable experiences of a lifetime.

Private Online Group 

Get access to our private online forum to keep you in regular touch with your team. Get feedback 24/7 from people keeping you on track with your goals. 

Monthly 90 Minute Video Calls

Stay connected with monthly check-ins. You'll have a chance to share succcess & troubleshoot challenges.

Personal Practice Tools

You'll receive your own personalized set of tools and exercises to deepen your learning and to get you immediately applying it in your real life.

The Adventures


We'll get you out of your comfort zone so you can see your life and it’s potential from a fresh perspective.  

You'll learn to clear your head and open yourself up to new thoughts and ideas - new ways of experiencing your everyday life. On each adventure you will:  

  • Push your boundaries and meet new challenges without the usual distractions.
  • Learn to break free of your stuck patterns of behavior and embrace uncertainty.
  • Redefine what’s important in your life and leave with a renewed sense of purpose.  

Adventure #1: Cascade Towers Alpine Ascents - North Cascades, WA

Adventure #2: Joshua Tree National Park, California

The North Cascades National Park is one of the most rugged and remote locations in the United States. Our program is based in the hamlet of Mazama, WA at the entrance of the North Cascades National Park.  

We are based out of a luxury lodge, the Freestone Inn, where we will begin and end each day with family style meals and drinks. The focus of the Cascade Towers program is to enter a challenging environment in the high alpine mountains to test your mental and physical skills.  

During this trip we will ascend an alpine tower at Washington Pass, hike into the heart of the north cascades, climb one of five towers in the area via a technical route, stand on a summit the size of your kitchen table, rappel descent, and enjoy a full day in the high alpine with sweeping views of the North Cascades National Park.  

Learn to rock climb in one of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring national parks in the Western United States. This high mountain desert landscape is covered in granite domes split with cracks that are begging you to climb them!  

We spend the first of three days at the park learning the fundamentals of movement and techniques specific to the unique nature of climbing in Joshua Tree. Then we build skills - technical and interpersonal - to progress from single pitch rock climbs to ascend an 800 - 1000 foot climb on a granite dome by day 3.  

In three days you will shatter your preconceived notions of what is possible and walk away with a sense of confidence, power and the passion and skills to live a fully engaged life.  

This program is for you if you:  

  • Are craving adventure, connection and impact. 
  • Have achieved significant success at some point in your life.
  • Have had enough of giving away your power & strength.
  • Need to get back to living in alignment with your values.
  • Want to gain back your imagination and freedom.  



… experienced clarity of purpose and direction backed with vitality and energy.

… achieved personal & professional goals at rapid speed as a result of engaging new ways of being.

... realized invaluable connection between movement & cognitive learning - resulting in lasting change.

... the capacity to stay connected to their emotional state during overwhelm and challenge in order to perform and achieve at a sustained flow state.

... a new understanding of self and others, personally & professionally, resulting in an increased capacity to ask for and achieve what they want.

... liberation from habitual patterns of negative and destructive behaviors. 

... reinvigorated passion in their lives and relationships.

Matt Walker stands for Adventure – adventure in everything (and anything) in your life. “Adventure is a lifestyle choice that supports living with intention and purpose.” 

Matt is more than a world-class mountain climber and psychologist: his real-world experience, systems awareness, and deep understanding of the human experience make him a sought-after coach, speaker, and professional facilitator.  

His Seattle based company, Matt Walker Adventure, facilitates once-in-a-lifetime adventures, coaches individuals to reach their personal and professional goals, and offers professional team-development workshops.  

Matt is the author of 'Adventure in Everything' (Hay House, 2011) and the focus of the 2015 BBC documentary: Adventure in Everything.  

Matt attended the University of Puget Sound and received a Master’s in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University.  

Your investment

The total cost for this 6 month program is $6,795 USD. Sign up by August 31 and pay only $5,995.

This includes:

  • 6 one-on-one coaching calls with Matt
  • 5 group coaching calls 
  • 3 two-day workshops
  • 2 mountain adventures with accommodation, technical guiding and equipment 

It does not include:

  • Accommodation in or travel to Seattle
  • Personal travel to adventure and workshop locations
  • Meals at adventure and workshop locations 

Workshop & call schedule:

September 7-9 - North Cascades Adventure September 27 - Group Call October 13-14 Seattle Intensive October 25 - Group Call November 10-11 - Seattle Intensive November 29 - Group Call December 13 - Group Call January 12-13 - Seattle Intensive January 24 - Group Call February 9-11 - Joshua Tree Adventure