Mt. Baker Expedition 

July 13 - 16, 2019 - The North Cascades

Rise to the Challenge

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It’s time to be fully engaged in your life. How? Climb a mountain. 

The first step toward full engagement living is adventure. We have the plan to support your launch.  

What is this?

Join Matt Walker of MWA and Cody Hicks of The Exchange on a summit climb expedition of Mt Baker (10,780 ft) in the North Casdades of WA. 

This 4-day summit expedtion will challenge you, inspire you, and call on you to step fully into your own unique personal leadership style. 

Is this for you?

Are you ready to challenge yourself beyond your preconceived notions of what is possible? 

Are you living day-to-day, surving but not thriving? Are you ready to join a team of men that will simultaneaously support you to be a better man in the world and call you out on your bullshit directly? 

Are you ready to unplug from the noise of the world, your professional demands, the burdens of your everyday, and focus on what really matters to you?

The Details?

This is open to all physically fit individuals, no previous climbing experience necessary.

We cover the logistics and details in full. The question you have to ask yourself: am I ready to play big in the world and have my thoughts, desires, and actions be in alignment? 

If the answer is 'yes' - click below and join us. We are going. You should be with us.  


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This isn't an amusement park ride.

To create shift and change in our lives we have to show up fully. You are not a 'client' on this expedition. You are a member of the team. This is a co-created experience. We want you to show up fully. 

The Experience

Small team: 6 climbers  

Team led by Matt Walker and Cody Hicks  

We will meet the evening of July 13 at a lodge in Glacier, WA where we will do a gear check, go over some technical logistics, set the tone for our team, and enjoy dinner and a few drinks.  

July 14-1 6 we will be on the mountain, camping on the glacier, learning the rope skills and technical skills to ascend the glacier and we will stand on the summit the morning of July 16, then descend back to civilization, showers, and hotels on the afternoon of July 16th.

Total Price: $1625  

More Details:  

  • Climbing Skill Level - open to all physically fit individuals, no previous climbing experience necessary.  
  • All group and technical gear included. You will be responsible for personal clothing and footwear.  
  • You'll be back in time for an evening flight on July 16th if you wish. 
  • Airport options: Seattle, Everett, or Bellingham, WA  
  • Lodge night of July 13th and welcome dinner included.  

Hold My Space - Count Me In

Join 8 Men on an Adventure of a Lifetime

Join a community of men to challenge you and focus on what really matters. 

4 Days. 10,780 feet. Live on a glacier. Savor the sunset. Embrace the sunrise. Become reattuned to you.  

This is one of my favorite mountains to guide. The reason is simple: it offers a little bit of everything in terms of physcial challenge, varying terrain, and necesitates real mountain skill. The bonus is in the environment and the gift it offers: fully unplugging from the noise and distraction of our daily lives and living and moving at the pace of the mountain. This aspect of the trip leaves an indelible mark and the growth is palpable. Not to mention the jaw-dropping sunsets over the Puget Sound at the end of the day while the mountain basks in sunlit glory - there is that too!

- Matt Walker

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