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Mt. Baker - North Cascades, WA

3 Days. 10,781 Feet. Glacier Adventure.

July 20 - 23, 2021

August 4 - 6, 2021

I'm in. Let's do this!


What is this?

A summit climb of Mt. Baker - 10,781 ft - traveling and camping on glaciers, roped-travel through crevasse fields and ice falls, and engaging in the depth of personal development that only occurs via the direct nexus of adventure, challenge, and intention.

Expeditions with Matt Walker Adventure connect physcial, mental, and emotional challenge to create full engagent leadership. Connecting mindfulness, physical challenge, conscious embodiment, and the mountain environment: these expeditions are curated to give you the space to step into your leadership style and focus on your direction; both personally and professionally. Giving you clarity and confidence to achieve and excel in all aspects of your life. 

This three day mountaineering expedition combines a summit ascent with an opportunity to learn fundamental mountaineering skills, camp and travel on a glacier, and sharpen and practice your signature personal leadership development in a challenging and inspiring environment. 

Our expedition is focused on your summit success while offering a framework for deeper personal and professional development.  


Are you ready?

Are you ready to challenge yourself beyond your preconceived notions of what is possible?  

Are you living day-to-day, surving but not thriving? Are you ready to join a team of that will simultaneously support you to be a better human in the world and call you out on your bullshit directly?  

Are you ready to unplug from the noise of the world, your professional demands, the burdens of your everyday, and focus on what really matters to you?  

If the answer is 'yes' - click below and join us. We are going. You should be with us.  

The Details

The Expedtion Details 


  • One US-based AMGA certified guide
  • Meals on the mountain
  • Private lodging in Bellingham, WA prior to expedition start
  • Group equipment (including tents, ropes, technical and camping equipment)
  • Wilderness Permits
  • Three Pre-Expedition Mindfulness and Ascent Plan Coaching Sessions


  • Travel to Bellingham, WA
  • Personal lunch and snacks on mountain
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Personal gear (see gear list)


  • Climbing Skill Level - open to all physically fit individuals, no previous climbing experience necessary
  • All group and technical gear included. You will be responsible for personal clothing and footwear 

Total Price: $2600

Don't get left out.

The MWA Approach

This is open to all physically fit individuals, while no previous climbing experience is necessary, we highly recommend joining our glacier mountaineering course in the North Cascades, WA prior to the expedition.  

We cover the logistics and details in full. The question you have to ask yourself: am I ready to play big, step into a significant challenge, and show up fully physcially and emotionally? This is not an amusement park ride - this is as real as it gets.  

You'll be tested, challenged, and called forward to share leadership on our expediton. This isn't a passive expereince - we co-create the experience, we are in it together in this arena.

Expedition Itinerary

Expedition begins and ends in Bellingham, Washington, USA

Prior to expedition start we will meet virtually for three :45 minute sessions that introduce mindfulness, the Five Elements of Adventure, and a series of embodiment practices to prepare you for your experience.  

  • Day 0 • Basecamp • 72 ft

Meet in Bellingham, WA the evening of July 20 for equipment check, family-style catered dinner, and evening relaxing together at a private home in the forest.

  • Day 1 • Hike to High Camp • 6,200 ft

Travel together from the forest lodge to the trailhead and begin our ascent through shaded forest as we gain elevation into the alpine. We climb the final rocky slopes to the base of the Coleman Glacier. From here we ascend the final glaciated slopes to our high camp for the next two nights. This day is an opportunity to begin working together as a team as we find the rhythm of mountain living - our first day out together will include travel in the forest, steep glacier moraine slopes, and a final ascent on glacier to our camp. High Camp is situated on the glacier and involves snow camping skills: creating a high mountain camp, melting snow for water, and a group kitchen scene. The sun sets late at this camp and we are greeted by outstanding views of the Canadian Cascades and the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound.

  • Day 2 • Training and Preparation • Black Butte Camp • 6,200 ft

Our day begins and ends at the Black Butte Camp - a slow morning with coffee and proper breakfast followed by a day of mountain skills training, glacier travel, self-rescue skills, and personal embodiment practices. Today is a day of recovery, skill development, team building and personal reflection. Our day ends early as we continue to rest for our summit climb and an early morning (or is it night?) departure the following day.  

  •  Day 3 • Summit Ascent and Descent • 10,080 ft

We wake early to a sea of stars and quick alpine-start breakfast - then off for our summit bid. Crossing the expansive Coleman Glacier we weave through crevasses as we climb on to the Deming Glacier and finish our ascent on the steep Roman Headwall. A long summit plateau ends at the true summit of Mt. Baker with expansive 360-degree views of the North Cascades. We return to high camp by reversing our ascent, pack our camp following a hot lunch, and return back to the humid and lush forest below. Wrapping the expedition with a celebration dinner near the base of the mountain. Then on to clean clothes and hot showers!

Why the small size? We appreciate the nimble and flexible nature of a small team, it’s more fun, and we can better support your success on summit day.