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Adventure To Africa

A Men's Collective Experience on Kilimanjaro.

September 17 - September 29, 2020

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What is this?

Join Matt Walker of MWA on a summit climb and safari expedition of Mt. Kilimanjaro - the tallest mountain in Africa (19,341 ft).  

This 12 -day summit expedition begins and ends in Arusha, Tanzania. But, this is not your typical Kilimanjaro expedition. Not at all. This is a retreat for men on one of the most iconic mountains in the world.  

This expedition brings togheter a unique team of men to meet the challenge of ascent while incorporating daily morning and evening practices that elicit team members to bring their best self forward, sharpen their leadership skills while a member of a team, and create an opportunity for self-reflection to shift out of negative patterns of behavior and belief systems. 

This is Kilimanjaro as a men's collective experience.


Are you ready?

Are you ready to challenge yourself beyond your preconceived notions of what is possible?  

Are you living day-to-day, surving but not thriving? Are you ready to join a team of men that will simultaneaously support you to be a better man in the world and call you out on your bullshit directly?  

Are you ready to unplug from the noise of the world, your professional demands, the burdens of your everyday, and focus on what really matters to you?  

If the answer is 'yes' - click below and join us. We are going. You should be with us.  

The little bitty details

The Expedtion Details 


  • One US-based AMGA certified guide
  • Tanzanian support staff: porters, camp cooks, and camp staff
  • All Tanzania transportation
  • All hotel accomidation in Tanzania - Business Class hotels and Coffee Plantation Safari Lodges
  • Scheduled meals during the expedition and safari
  • All group expedition and camping equipment
  • Park fees and climbing permits


  • International round-trip airfare Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Tanzania travel visa - paid upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Meals, transport, and lodging outside the regular itinerary
  • All expenses incurred in the event of early departure (evac fees, transport, extra hotel nights, etc)
  • Personal gear (see gear list)
  • Tips and gratuities


  • Climbing Skill Level - open to all physically fit individuals, no previous climbing experience necessary
  • Immunizations are required please check with your personal medical provider
  • All group and technical gear included. You will be responsible for personal clothing and footwear 

Don't get left out.

The MWA Approach

This is open to all physically fit individuals, while no previous climbing experience is necessary.  

We cover the logistics and details in full. The question you have to ask yourself: am I ready to play big, step into a significant challenge, and show up fully physcially and emotionally? This is not an amusement park ride - this is as real as it gets.  

You'll be tested, challenged, and called forward to share leadership on our expediton. This isn't a passive expereince - we co-create the experience, we are in it together.

Rongai Route, Kilimanjaro Expedition Itinerary

Rongai Route, Mt. Kilimanjaro 

Expedition begins and ends in Arusha, Tanzania  

  • Day 1 • Arrive Kilimanjaro, Tanzania • 4,593 ft

Arrive Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). Transfer to Mt. Meru hotel.  

  • Day 2 • Rest day and equipment check • 4,593 ft

Slow wake-up after a long trans-atlantic journey. We will spend the day relaxing poolside, strollng a local market and then expedition orientation and gear check in the afternoon.  

  •  Day 3 • Nalemoru Gate to Simba Camp • 6,561 ft to 8,615 ft

Transit from Arusha to the Nalemoru Gate for registration and final preparatons. Our ascent begins with a gentle climb into the rainforest where we will see monkeys, birds, and evidence of elephant herds traveling in region. Following a few hours of travel we will arrive at dusk at Simba Camp and settle into the experience that is Tanzanian Kilimanjaro hospitality.  

  • Day 4 • Simba Camp to Second Cave Camp • 8,615 ft to 11,318 ft

After a late breakfast and time to settle into our morning meditation and yoga practice, we will begin our ascent to Second Cave Camp. Second Cave Camp is located in the moorland and our views of the upper reaches of the mountain are outstanding.  

  • Day 5 • Second Cave to Kikelelwa Camp • 11,318 ft to 11,811 ft

While today's travel is relatively flat and with only 500 feet of total elevation gain - today is a crucial day in our expediton success. The day's travel allows us to acclimate to our higher elevation without placing an undue strain on our bodies. Today's travel remains inte heather moorland environment.  

  • Day 6 • Kikelelwa Camp to Mawenzi Tarn • 11,811 ft to 14,160

A beautiful travel day as we ascend into the high alpine desert region. We begin witha short but steep climb with jaw-dropping views of Mawenzi and Kilimanjaro - today is a spectacular travel day. We will climb to the small mountain lake, Mawenzi Tarn, and camp below the imposing towering spires of Mawenzi. Our afternoon will include an acclimation hike alond Mawenzi ridge.  

  • Day 7 • Mawenzi Tarn to Kibo Hut • 14,160 to 15,430 ft

We continue to traverse around the mountain and gain elevation as we arrive at saddle between Kibo and Mawenzi - welcome to the moon! This landscape is stark, dramatic, and a little intimidatng as we have a clear view of the summit climb ahead of us. We arrive with time to rest, recover, and prepare for our summit climb the following day. 

  • Day 8 • Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak • 15,430 to 19,341 ft

We begin our summit ascent around midnight under a blanket of stars that is truly breathtaking. Our climb will ascend the upper reaches of the mountain until we gain the summit crater rim at which point we will begin a rising traverse toward the highest point, Uhuru Peak. We will take in the sunrise, drink tea, high-five and celebrate our success before begining our descent and returning to Kibo to rest and share a hot meal. Following our rest at Kibo we will descend again to the lower, warmer, and more oxygentated Horombo camp.

  • Day 9 • Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate • 12,205 to 6,046 ft

Following breakfast we begin a long trek descent through tropical rainforest as head toward the Marangu Gate. We will be greeted with a celebration to remember and hot showers and fresh clothes at our safari lodge at the coffee plantation.  

  • Day 10 • Safari Experience • Northern Tanzania

Depart early morning from Arusha for Ngorongo Crater Safari and Crater Rim Lodging

  • Day 11 • Safari Experience Con't  
  • Day 12 • Depart Tanzania 

Early morning safari experine followed by transit to Kilimanjaro Internationa Airport for departure home