Your 10 Day Challenge

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10 Day Challenge - Align Your Values and Actions

It’s time to be fully engaged in your life.

The first step to full engagement living is conneting your values and acitons. 

Step 1  Begin with a blank piece of paper, a blank journal page, and brain dump. Put down all of the ways you spend your time, your tasks currently undone, your wants in the world, anything that you are holding. No filter just dump it onto the page.  

Step 3  Connect your values and actions. Holding the values you idnetified in Step 2 and looking at the actions in Step 1 - do the actions line up with the values you aspire to bring to life for this role? If yes, great! If no, what actions can you take to bring those values forward for this role? Idnetify this as specifically as possible. 

Step 2 What values do you want to bring forth into the world? Gratitude. Family. Love. Creativity. Widsom. Patience...your choices are limitless. But take the time to slow down and consider what values you aspire to bring to your relationships, community, and work. 

Create a list of eight values.

Step 4 Engage these values with specific action over the next ten days. Declare now: over the next ten days I am going to do 'abc' in order to practice 'xyz' value in this aspect of my life.  

Email me directly, via the link, to be held accountable for this action over the next 10 days. 

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To create shift and change - be held directly accountable. 

Create Full Engagement Living - Connect Your Values and Actions

Take some down time, breathe, find a creative space to work in and follow the steps above.

Click the sign-up button to email me directly your action, value, and role. I will personally reconnect with you in ten days to keep you on track and accountable.  

By emailing me directly with the specific value you are bringing forward, the specific action you are taking, and the specific role you are engaging - you are taking the first step to full engagment living. I will hold you directly accountable to this goal by reconnecting with you personally in ten days. It is my promise to you.

- Matt Walker

Create Full Engagment Living

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